The rock & roll muscle tank from @gypsywarrior makes me want to go to an indie concert and dance πŸŒ™β­οΈ soooo much love πŸ’›
amnesia ep

wtf guys dont be mad about the fact that the amnesia ep is going to be realeased after all the other countries because you have a lot more opportunities in America, you can meet them you can go to their concerts while the other countries (south america for example) don’t have the chances for that like you do. you can listen to the ep on youtube also. get oveeeer it and be happy for the new ep that is coming☺


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i think i made a thing. 
sorry for my english bc im not very good at english tbh but i think this is okay. 
i love this boys way too much. thats it. :-) x

Amnesia// 5SOS